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Who we are

Good Result Marine Services Pvt. Ltd. (GR Marine) was founded in July 2014, duly incorporated as a company under the provisions of the Indian Companies Act 1956, at Mumbai. GR Marine received the crew management license by Indian D.G. Shipping in March 2015 with the license no. RPSL MUM 324(Validity Up to: 22.12.2019). We are also MLC 2006 certified company.
Today GR Marine employs seafarers for various vessels such as bulk carriers, cargo, livestock vessel, oil tankers, chemical tankers, offshore vessels, containers, heavy lift vessels, gantry vessels, etc.

What we do

We employed 116 seafarers in 2014 and growing with our clients, in the succeeding year 2015, we employed 221 seafarers from India. Year 2016 saw steady rise with close to 320 seafarers being employed. In the year 2015, GR Marine appointed consultants at Chennai, Patna, Kolkata to have a direct reach among our Seafarers. In 2017, we have implemented new systems and programs in office to share real time accounts and leet personnel data with our owners and vessels. We have sign MOU with Maritime Academy for induction of trainees. In 2018, we have opened our 1st international office at Saigon, Vietnam, lead by one of the director of our company Mr. Krishna Madhav.
We know that highly trained and reliable seafarers are the core assets of all successful shipping companies. We therefore understand ship-owners requirements and expectations then making them our core responsibility is what truly allows us to provide tailor-made, effective solutions.
Our experienced recruiting staff verifies employment backgrounds by contacting applicants previous employers to verbally verify employment, performance, job duties and eligibility for re-hire.
Mainly our crew selection is based on the following criteria:​​

  • Valid documents and certificates, according to the candidate position and in accordance with new STCW regulations and amended.
  • Experience.
  • Medical Fitness- made by a Medical Clinic which has the authority to issue medical fitness certificate for seafarers before assigning to work, all our candidates are compulsory tested in compliance with medical requirements with drugs and alcohol.
  • References from previous employers- which are always checked by our agents.
  • Testing their professional skills- SOLAS/ MARPOL and ISM Code tests. Knowledge of English Language.
  • Personal Profile- evaluation of human qualities.


We aim to be a global leader in providing professional and ethical crew manning services.


  • To establish and cultivate a learning environment for qualified and competent seafarers.
  • To continuously improve and add value to our provision of quality-assured crew manning services to our partners. 
  • To develop and retain a dynamic team of highly efficient employees who will help advance the business.


Our mission is to provide reliable, personalized transportation services that maintain high levels of quality and safety, while remaining constantly aware of our social and environmental responsibility.

Our Clients

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